We’ve had a busy few weeks in the North West Highlands, filming in 360 degrees to bring some of our top sites to your smart phone and to our visitor centre, the Rock Stop.  We’ve travelled the length and breadth of the Geopark, from archaeological sites like the Laid Wheelhouse and Clachtoll Broch to geological wonders like Knockan Crag and Clashnessie falls. We’ve even been to the top of our mountains, now you too can visit the summit of Stac Pollaidh on a clear day, every day!

The equipment we’ve been using to film consists of six GoPro session cameras fitted to a bespoke rig which allows them to face in six different directions at once – these are stitched together to create a spherical video. Users can view the video on a conventional computer, turning through every dimension using the mouse, or for a more immersive experience strap on a headset and enjoy the surreal feeling of ‘being there’. The results are amazing; hear the rush of a stream, see the clouds move overhead, watch the light glint on the sea, you can almost feel the wind in your hair.

We’ve had our ups and downs; getting all six cameras to start and stop at the same time was sometimes a challenge, and its amazing where loud voices can appear from in a seemingly deserted cave system on a Sunday evening… Nevertheless, we had great fun and a very special thanks is due to the communities of Coigach and Leckmelm who lent all manner of fishing, bike and fairy lights to help us light up Cnoc nan Uamh ‘Stream Cave’. Now you too can experience an underground adventure without having to don a hard hat or shimmy underground.

We hope to have some initial results available to preview soon so keep an eye on our Facebook Page or subscribe to our newsletter. The footage gathered will be part of a bigger project seeking to bring the geology of the Drifting Apart area to life through manipulation of the 360 footage.

All the best,

Laura Hamlet.

More info: laura@nwhgeopark.com


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