Kenozero National Park


Kenozero National Park is an outstanding North-European cultural landscape which has preserved the traditions and ancient forms of folk art, agriculture and use of natural resources. The cultural and natural heritage of Kenozero has, throughout many centuries, avoided periods of mass destruction and preserved its historical integrity and authenticity. The most valuable geological heritage sites are an integral part of the cultural landscape of the national park. At present there are 24 cultural-landscape zones within the park. All are undergoing research which involves leading scientific centres throughout Russia. They are objects of display on several specially equipped ecological trails and sightseeing tours. The geoheritage of the territory is presented in the visitor-centers , museums and information centres. Kenozero National Park is a member of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve network.

In late may 2016 Kenozero National Park hosted the third partner steering committee meeting in Russia, held in the National Park and in the administrative center of the park, Arkhangelsk.Drifting Apart representatives were joined by managers from five Russian aspiring Geoparks (Katun National Nature Reserve, Vishera National Park, Commander State Biosphere National Natural Reserve, Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve and Smolny Nature Reserve)who were invited to participate in meetings and learn more about Global UNESCO geopark’s network; their legal status, management, activities and application processes. This sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas was beneficial to all parties and is reflective of the values of UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Through the Drifting Apart project Kenozero has opened an Eco-classroom. The classroom will be used by local school children and residents as well as Russian and international children who attend the parks annual summer camps. Using a mix of technology, examples of local resources and literature the classroom brings the local landscapes and natural resources to life. During the summer of 2016 the classroom was visited by the Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Sergey Donskoy.

A second classroom has been planned and will be opened in early 2018. This new classroom will house the virtual reality experience being created in work package four and will allow all who visit to travel around the world, virtually!

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Elena Shatkovskaya (Director)

163000 Russia Arkhangelsk, 78, Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny
+7 8182 28-65-23

Arkhangelsk region (south-west), Russia
Main office is located in Arkhangelsk

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