Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark

Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark covers the Reykjanes Peninsula in the southwestern part of Iceland, a continuation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which rises from the sea at the very tip of the peninsula and diagonally crosses Iceland from the south-west to the north-east. The Geopark is an independent corporate body and gained the designation in 2015. It is managed by a partnership of the five municipalities as well as six other organisations. Further information about the Geopark can be found here.

Reykjanes have plans to install informative signage throughout the geopark and are working on a new visitor centre.

Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark will host a conference focusing on the common geological and historical heritage of the Geoparks located in the Northern Periphery and Arctic region in March 2018.

Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark is assisted by the following sub-partners:

Saga Geopark Project – is the youngest aspiring geopark in Iceland. It was established in March 2013 as a community driven Initiative supported by the municipality of Borgarbyggd. It is supported by many scientific advisers on geodiversity and heritage, museums and institutions in the area. The Saga Geopark Project will send an application in October 2015 to the European Geoparks to become a member of this network.

In September Nikki from CCGHT carried out some 360 filming in Saga Geopark. This footage captures some of Saga’s key geosites and can be viewed here.  Later this year Saga Geopark will install some new interpretive panels.

University Centre of South Iceland – prepared the formation of Katla UNESCO Global Geopark and has been responsible for running the organisation for the last three years. Katla UNESCO Global Geopark was the first geopark in Iceland gaining the designation in 2011. The role of UCSI in the Drifting Apart project is one of guidance to the other Icelandic Geopark partners.

Through this project Katla will re-open the visitor centre at Vik and install information related to the Drifting Apart as well as offer community, teacher and tourism sector training on geology.

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General Manager: Eggert Sólberg Jónsson
Tel: +354 4203291

Graenasbraut 506
235 Reykjanesbaer


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