Geopark Toolkits

The Drifting Apart project created a range of tool kits, each with a different focus however all have been created with established UNESCO Global Geoparks and aspiring Geoparks in mind.

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s Marble Arch Caves UENSCO Global Geopark developed the geo-heritage storyline of the Drifting Apart project. This storyline references common geological processes and time periods while highlighting links between project partner areas. WP3 – Drifting Apart Story

Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark also developed guidelines to Best-Practice Interpretation. This document was initially developed in the early stages of the project and used by all partners when creating interpretation and developing site access. In 2018 the document was updated to reflect some examples of what was delivered through the project.  WP3 – Best Practice Interpretation Guidelines Toolkit

Magma UNESCO Global Geopark co-ordinated the virtual reality aspects of the project. You can virtually visit and explore the project area here . This first toolkit helps guide you through how to film places for virtual reality and create hot-spots of information WP4 – Virtual Reality Fliming Manual. While this second toolkit explains the behind the scenes Content Management System partner organisations use to manage and update their online content WP4 – DoubleVR CMS Manual

Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark undertook research into geopark management. Firstly cataloging the various management models used and assessing them then providing useful information and posing questions to the reader. This toolkit is intended for established UNESCO geopark managers, staff, board members, partner organisations and anyone exploring the possibility of developing a geopark and applying for UNESCO status. WP5 – Sustainable Management Models Toolkit

Focusing on the communities and tourism businesses associated with a geopark, Shetland UNESCO Global developed a set of ‘plain-english’ toolkits. Each topic (community and tourism) has been broken down with a toolkit aimed at those working within a geopark management organisation and a toolkit for community groups or tourism businesses. Please download the toolkits and adapt them for your own geopark area.

Community Toolkits:

WP6 – Geoparks For Communities Toolkit

WP6 – Community Invlovment for Geopark Toolkit

Tourism Toolkits

WP6 – Tourism For Geopark Managers Toolkit

WP6 – Tourism For Tourism Operators Toolkit


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