The Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust has worked in partnership with Marine and Fisheries Division of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to create a new exhibition at the Coastal Zone Centre, Portrush Northern Ireland.

The exhibition injects colour and life into an area of the publicly accessible centre. Walls covered in large photos of the area are the the backdrop of information panels. The content of the panels includes Earth history, plate tectonics, reference to the Drifting Apart project and examples of the outstanding local geology in the area.


Pull out drawers house geological samples including fossil sponges and fish bones, as well as smaples from across the Drifting Apart project area.

Screens fixed to display walls show selected videos about the heritage of the local area including underwater footage while a tablet on the worktop presents the GeoVr. This tablet can be accessed by those using wheelchairs.

A larger screen sits above a pair of Occulus Rift googles. Users can put these on and virtually visit the Drifting Apart world!

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