Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust is the lead partner in an exciting new Northern Peripheries and Arctic Region Project entitled – “Drifting Apart”

Over the next 3 years Drifting Apart will unearth and strengthen our understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the fascinating and interconnected geological heritage of the Northern Periphery and Arctic region, and its many links to natural, built and cultural heritage. The project will support the development of new and aspiring Global Geoparks, the promotion of innovative products and services for social and economic prosperity and to continue to build a strong network of geoheritage destinations in the Northern Periphery and Arctic Region.

The project brings together a series of partners from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Canada and Russia. The total value of the project is €1.6 million with €1.03 million provided through the Northern Peripheries and Arctic Area Programme under the European Regional Development Fund.

The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020 forms a cooperation between 9  partner countries; the Member States of Finland, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom (Scotland and Northern Ireland) in cooperation with the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Norway. This means that the programme area encompasses the Euro-Arctic zone, parts of the Atlantic zone and parts of the Barents region, neighbouring on Canada in the West and Russia in the East. Despite geographical differences, the large programme area shares a number of common features, such as low population density, low accessibility, low economic diversity, abundant natural resources, and high impact of climate change. This unique combination of features results in joint challenges and joint opportunities that can best be overcome and realised by transnational cooperation.

It is the programme’s vision is to help to generate vibrant, competitive and sustainable communities, by harnessing innovation, expanding the capacity for entrepreneurship and seizing the unique growth initiatives and opportunities of the Northern and Arctic regions in a resource efficient way.



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