Friday the 31st July 2015 marked one of the first key deadlines for all Drifting Apart Project Partners. Partners and sub-partners had to identify potential geosites and material for inclusion in the Drifting Apart Storyline as part of Work Package Three.

Over the coming weeks representatives from the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark (Fermanagh and Omagh District Council) will be working closely with representatives from the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland to piece together all the parts of this continental jigsaw puzzle.

The Drifting Apart Storyline will provide the foundation material upon which all other project activities will develop. Within the next six months partners will work together to transform this storyline into education material and training for schools, online and 3D documentation for spectacular geosites and new interpretive material for visitors to existing and aspiring geoparks.

Keep checking regularly for project updates and events!

Work Package Three is being led by:


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in partnership with:










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