Drifting Apart is using new virtual reality technology to bring millions of years of geology to life across six countries. 360 footage from various locations in each partner country will be enhanced with hotspots and the final output will be available for both immersive goggles or tablet use throughout the project area.

DoubleThink, a Norweigan based company, are leading the development of this virtual reality for Drifting Apart. They will review and edit 360 degree footage from each partner and are currently putting the final touches to a content management system (CMS). The CMS acts as the technological backbone and housing for this immersive experience. Hotspots will be placed into each location to help the user understand the geology and heritage of the site bringing the location to life through text, animations, images and sounds.

First each chosen locations must be filmed using 360 degree camera equipment. Magma UNESCO Global Geopark completed filming and are currently sourcing good images and material for hotspots.

In November Andrew and Nikki from the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust made the two hour trip to Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG) to undertake filming in both County Fermanagh (Northern Ireland) and County Cavan (Republic of Ireland).

Four locations were picked; Tullychurry Forest, Garrison Sill, Crossdoney, Bruse Hill. All four locations were once quarrys. This industrial action has exposed the geology below the grounds surface providing an insight we would never otherwise get. Three of the four sites are closed to the public, so capturing them on 360 film will allow the public to view these off-limits and potentially dangerous sites.

Helen Carlton, Marble Arch Caves UGG, utilized the special access to each location and captured drone footage too. This drone footage looks up close at the quarry faces and the wider landscape setting of each location.




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